From ombre lipstick to Love Island memes: this week’s fashion trends

Pillow anything From sandals to handbags, puffy, pushy and nap-ready is the texture fashion is after right now. Zzzzz.

Nail stickers Emojis for your fingertips that are all kinds of fun, and commitment free. What’s not to like?

Love Island memes Whisper it but… better than the show?

Inflatables Back in a big way: from the truly incredible sight of Bukayo Saka on a unicorn to a Stussy eight ball. Expect to see on your staycation.

Club kids In all varieties, as showcased on YMC’s new T-shirts. A collaboration with the Museum of Youth Culture, there are images of ravers, metallers, indie kids and more.

Going down
New York, London, Milan, Paris Is Detroit the new fashion capital? Bottega Veneta’s next show will be there.

Ombre lipstick Kylie Jenner has a lot to answer for. Looks as if you’ve been sucking on a ballpoint.

Tattoos Pete Davidson is removing more than 100 of his. Is getting inked on the way out?

Midriff flossing Strappy tops across the abdomen are so last summer. It’s all about the “curtain reveal” – a top with one fastening over the sternum protecting the wearer’s modesty.

Immaculate It bags Jane Birkin’s actual Birkin, just auctioned at Bonham’s, was gently rumpled, with Tipp-Ex scrawled inside. Scruffy is the new chic.