Foodie shares ‘best way’ to cut an avocado after saying we’ve all been doing it wrong

Instagram account Seedandsproutco shared a video showing an alternative method of preparing an avocado, warning: “It feels wrong but once you’ve tried it, it’ll blow your mind”

A foodie has shared the “best way” to prepare an avocado – and people have called it a “game-changer” after trying it for themselves.

Avocados can be notoriously hard to judge whether they are ripe or not, seemingly feeling rock solid one moment and horribly soft the next.

But when it feels like we’ve judged it just right, most of us use the same technique to cut into it: running a knife around the length of the avocado to separate it into two halves, before landing the knife into the pit and twisting to remove it cleanly.

However, one woman has claimed we’re doing it all wrong – and it seems there’s actually some sensible logic behind it.

In response to a trend asking people to share life-changing hacks, Instagram account Seedandsproutco shared a video suggesting an avocado should instead be halved around the middle, rather than lengthways.

The caption reads: “When did you learn this avo hack? Cutting it this way means there’s less surface area to go brown when you only eat half.”

The clip shows that there’s certainly less of the fruit exposed using the method, which could come in handy if you somehow manage not to eat the whole thing in one go.

It racked up hundreds of comments as viewers were left divided over the technique, with some labelling it a “game-changer” as one wrote: “Been doing this for over 20 years… was always told I was doing it wrong.”

A second said: “Just started cutting this way recently. Soooo much better! Can’t believe I didn’t work it out earlier.”

And someone else added: “And it also sits quite nicely in the egg compartment of the fridge!”

But others simply weren’t having it and said the method should be “illegal”, as one argued back: “Noooo it’s wrong. Plain wrong this way.”

And someone else defiantly said: “Nah just eat the whole thing, who stops at half an avo?”

The account tried to reassure any doubters by adding: “It feels wrong but once you’ve tried it, it’ll blow your mind.”