Hairdresser can go eight weeks without washing her hair and says most over-wash theirs

A hairdresser has claimed many people are over washing their hair and causing damage to their locks so recommends leaving longer between washes – and says she can go up to eight weeks

How often is too often when it comes to washing our hair?

Many people might wash every day, some every two days and others can do it just once a week.

But according to one hairdresser, this is all likely too much and could be damaging our locks.

Michelle Dennis, a hairdresser from Australia, has taken to TikTok to share tips of her trade – including why it’s best to stretch the time between hair washes.

The mum-of-three, who posts under the username @michelledennismumof.3, has surprised many viewers on the video-sharing platform by admitting she can go up to eight weeks without washing her hair if she needs to.

In a video she explains how she has trained her hair to not look gross between washes – and shares how you can do it too.

She says: “How I trained my hair and others to not get oily hair.

“Step one – What ever your wash day is, start pushing it out to the next day or two.

“Then you need to persist and keep going with those extra few days for a few months.”

Michelle continued: “Once your hair has adjusted… add or alt an extra day for at least six months.

“And just keep going slowly over time adding an extra day.

“This process can take from months to years… patience and persistence is the key!!”

She captioned her clip: “I can go without washing for eight weeks! Do you suffer with oily hair or over dry ends? It’s because you’re over washing it.”

A number of people replied to her post – with many complaining about their hair looking “gross” between washes and others saying they were working on this.

One person wrote: “I’ve gone from washing my hair daily to once a week and I can feel a difference.”

Another posted: “Will be trying this.”

A third added: “My hair is oily hours after washing it. Then I have left it a week without washing and it’s so gross and itchy, it makes me feel depressed.”