Blunt car seller tells man he’s asking too many questions when he asks for details

If you’re looking to buy a vehicle, it’s fairly standard to quiz the owner about its history, but one seller wasn’t interested and fobbed off an interested buyer

One man was left in stitches at a blunt seller’s response to his questions when he asked about his car.

While it can be irritating if you’re looking for a quick sale, if you want someone to buy your vehicle, you’re going to have to provide some information.

It’s standard practice if someone is spending thousands of pounds, as obviously, they don’t want to buy something that will break a mile down the road.

But it seems one seller just wasn’t in the mood – and told the potential buyer he couldn’t purchase the car after all.

Sharing the exchange online, the buyer added: “The f*** does that even mean?”

They had written: “Hello, I saw your Craigslist ad and I’m interested in your vehicle. I just have a few questions.”

The seller enthusiastically responded: “Questions about my car? Fire away.”

But after the buyer asked about its history, and how many miles were on it – the conversation was immediately shut down.

The seller just replied: “I don’t know, probably a lot. This car is most likely not for you if you have those kind of questions.”

One person commented: “This is a red flag, don’t even bother.”

“That’s code for ‘this car is a piece of junk and I’m trying to oversell it to some poor soul for a POS car that might not be legal'”, suggested another.

A third joked: “This is a red flag but it has holes in it and also it’s on fire. What????”

Meanwhile, a woman spotted crying in a car park shared the sweet note she received from a dad and daughter.

Sharing it, the woman explained: “I was crying pulling into a parking spot to treat myself to fro-yo because I was having a day.

“I caught a glimpse of a teenage girl and dad in the car next to me while I was crying. When I came back after eating the fro-yo, their car was gone but this was in my door handle.”

She added: “There’s a LOT going on right now, and I’ve been feeling very bitter and defensive. This gesture melted my heart a bit and helped me feel less bitter.